Hello - and welcome.

My passion is "photography".

In recent years I have become "involved' with a group of enthusiastic amateur photographers in the The Kapiti Camera Club. They have supported me in my endeavours and have given me the opportunity to improve my abilities in capturing and showing off my images.It 

In 2009 I was fortunate to win some accolades when I was named New Zealand Wildlife Photographer of the Year by the New Zealand Geographic Magazine, which led to my five minutes of fame amongst the world of photography. My "winning" photograph can be seen here.

It's been a while since I posted anything on my site - I've had some distractions - however we're back!!!

I have re-jigged my Football galleries - and have been following the fortunes of the Volcanoes football team who so far have progressed through the 2017 season unbeaten.  The team has proved many photographic opportunities.

How time flies - 2018 football season.  I am now following my grandson James playing for the Tornados playing at Grade 14.  Random photos appear on the Sports pages of this team. 

For those games that I do manage to get to parents and supporters  have asked me to send them photographs of the games where their children feature - so I intend to post a cross section of my photographs on my web site. This applies to both our own teams and the opposition teams. So please feel free to explore and enjoy the images and get in touch - your feedback is very welcome.

Ray (June 2018) 

(Photo series courtesy of Geoff Marshall)



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